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Providing superior hair care, baseline salon helps you stand out with exquisite hair. `Our stylists educate you on the best products to use and the recommended hairstyles that compliment and highlight your best features

Look fabulous with our line-up of premium make up products that leave you feeling good on the outside and give you the confidence to take the world in your stride.

Experience the ultimate journey towards comfort, relaxation and rejuvenation at Baseline Salon and rejoice in a cloud of facilities for your mind, body and soul. At Baseline Salon, your therapy becomes an expedition of self-discovery, more than just a feel-good experience.

Baseline is the gold standard in deep cleansing skin treatments that exfoliate clogged pores and dull skin leaving you with a radiant and revitalised complexion. Our highly trained and professional therapists target your specific skin concerns offering you luxury skincare in a harmonised, inviting environment.

Treat yourself to some pampering with our magnificent manicures and pedicures. Baseline Salon offers creative nail art and nail enhancements to keep your digits looking divine. Our brightly lit, state of the art salon is the ideal place to have your nails spruced up in no time.


Right at the pulse of latest beauty trends, Baseline is not your ordinary salon. Its profoundly chic interiors and accessible location makes it the perfect place to unwind and spoil yourself. Designed with our customers in mind, we focus on creating an indulgent retreat that encourages relaxation and a sense of calm to soothe body, mind and soul. We invest in cutting edge equipment and clinical skin care products that leave you feeling reinvigorated and confident. From tresses to toes, Baseline provides a comfortable yet professional setting that offers a unique experience tailored to your preferences. We are here to listen to you. Our team at Baseline is friendly, vibrant and loves to challenge themselves with new skills that ultimately provide an exceptional customer experience.

We hate skimping on hair/ skin care and use only the highest quality of products that nourish and leave you feeling beautiful inside out. Our goal is to celebrate individuality, creativity and diversity in an atmosphere that will leave you coming back for more. We believe in no-fuss beauty treatments that address your health and wellbeing first and cosmetic enhancements second. Shortcuts are not our style.

We are dedicated to serving you with a complete range of hair salon and make up services at an affordable price. For bookings or further enquires, contact us at info@baselinesalons.com.

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